ART IN OILS:  thumbnails of paintings of towns and cities

College Field, Eton

Painting of College Field, Eton


Eton College Chapel from Luxmoore's Garden

Painting of Eton College Chapel, from Luxmoore's Garden

Sculler at Henley

Painting of a sculler at Henley



Eton Chapel, stormy sky

Painting of Eton Chapel, stormy sky


Weston's, Eton College

Painting of Weston's, Eton College

Burning Bush, Eton College

Painting of the Burning Bush, Eton College



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Punting on the Cam, Cambridge

Punting on the Isis, Oxford

Church Over Spilt Blood, St.Petersburg An oil painting of the Church Over Spilt Blood, St.Petersburg, Russia


Rialto Bridge, Venice


Rye, with Ostriches

Painting of Rye, with ostriches


Grand Canal, Venice



St. Andrews, Scotland

An oil painting of St. Andrews, Scotland


A painting of Meze


Eiffel Tower from the Seine

Eiffel Tower, Paris



This section covers paintings of towns and cities in Britain and Europe;  Henley-on-Thames, where I live, figures prominently, but I often like to paint the towns I visit, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Portsmouth, Eton, Windsor, and in Scotland, Edinburgh, St Andrews and Stirling. On the continent, I have recently been to St Petersburg, Russia, and earlier work has included scenes in Rome, Paris and Athens, as well as other Italian, Spanish and French towns.


Paintings of Cities by David Welsh, Art-in-Oils, 40 New Street, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England, RG9 2BT