PORTRAITS  IN OILS: thumbnails of portraits, and paintings of people and  figures

A Close Finish

Close Finish, Henley Royal Regatta

The Fascinator

Henley Royal Regatta, the Fascinator

Regatta Course

Painting of the Regatta Course




Regatta Start

Painting of Henley Regatta Start, including Temple Island

Members' Stand

Serious Spectators, Henley Regatta

Two Serious Spectators at Henley Royal Regatta




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Gloriana at Henley Royal Regatta

Gloriana at Henley Royal Regatta

Gloriana at Henley Royal Regatta 2

Gloriana at Henley Regatta 2


Gloriana at Henley Royal Regatta 3

Painting of Gloriana



Enjoying the Races

Libby on the Beach

An oil painting of Libby on the beach


Between the Races


Portrait of a Gentleman


Portrait of a Lady with Dog



Portrait of a High Sheriff



This section includes paintings of Henley Regatta, and portraits and figures. The ones illustrated here are of the spectators at Henley Regatta, the Band, and the rowing world. Click here for people punting on the Cam at Cambridge and on the Isis at Oxford.

I have added examples of portraits of children and young people, a High Sheriff, a lady with her dog, a soldier in uniform, an architect in his office, but I have done many commissions of other ages and types,

Why not commission -

    a portrait of yourself 

    a family portrait

    a child portrait or a baby portrait

Portrait commissions

Portraits in oils can be commissioned. Some of the portraits I have done recently are shown here. Contact me if you would like to see some other examples of portraits I have done. Fees vary according to the size and complexity of what is required. 

Click here to find out the basic details, and contact the artist directly by clicking here

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